Write a movie review of "Crazy Rich Asians"

Write a movie review of "Crazy Rich Asians"

Write a movie review of “Crazy Rich Asians.” 700 words. Assignment: Write a review of a film, live music performance, book, or restaurant. Express your reason for admiring or disliking the item (probably some of both, although for differing reasons). Following the examples from the assigned reading, present a coherent lead about the item you are covering and sum up some of the larger ideas addressed by it. See if you can consider some larger cultural ideas too—in reviewing the item, you are also reviewing our broader notions of what art or entertainment is, what we mean by “good” or “bad”, the changing shape of the society, and so on.Your review must do the following:Have an angle designed to garner general interestHave a clear, unobtrusive lede that expresses the angle or theme of your review and/or gives the reader a useful sense of whether the work is good or not, and based on what standardsUse specific details, including (as appropriate) quotes and briefly summarized examples, to support your assessment of the work Break paragraphs into readable chunks of informationUse details in accordance with Cappon’s AP Guide’s recommendationsUse vivid, clear language, avoiding pseudo-color or clichés Follow the AP Stylebook’s standards for style, attribution, term use, etc.Be mechanically and grammatically consistent and correct

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