Corporation/Company Budget

Corporation/Company Budget

This assignment is designed to reinforce your MS Excel skills. In this assignment, you will update a monthly budget in Microsoft Excel for the company you have chosen for the final project. The budget will be based off a template supplied in the Canvas Assignment folder. The key will be to look up such quantities as the number of employees, business expenses and profits from previous years, etc. to help with the practicality of the budget you create. My advice would be to play around with this for a bit (e.g. fill in numbers, change headings, view the formulas behind certain fields, and work in the 2nd and 3rd tabs to see how the 4th and 5th tabs change) before you start changing things to fit your occupation/company. You are also in no way required to use this as your starting point, but this might lend itself to showing you what kinds of items you should be trying to find for the company you have chosen. There are several templates on the web that you can also use, we just want to make sure that we are gearing this budget towards a company’s expenditures rather than personal finances.

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