PLEASE HELP! SPSS paper, Research done

PLEASE HELP! SPSS paper, Research done

Hello!For my final, I had to conduct research in my class called “Research Methods.”This needs to be a FULL PAPER. Please keep that in mind, no copying and pasting from my slideshow. It needs to follow the APA format. Please use the references/journals given.Everything we did is explained in the PDF (which is a powerpoint presentation). We need a paper length of 14 pages of written work, and then 5 separate pages for our graphs and tables, and then a reference page.Here are some extra notes about the SPSS graphs:Notes (SPSS graphs):Main affect for gender is not significant (sig. =.405) (F test =.702) (df=1)Emotion’s (F=314.014) and (sig =.000) (df=2) can see there is an affect and significance Gender*Emotion interaction affect there is significance (sig = .173) (F=1.780) (df=2) Gender is an independent variable because we are testing to see participants views on GENDER’s FACIAL EXPRESSIONSThink about the rational of the hypothesisIn the files provided, are the rubric (3 documents) and one document that is grading our presentation. Please read these carefully.If you have any questions please let me know! Thank you!

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