Smart solution to detect/prevent bridge accident

Smart solution to detect/prevent bridge accident

Chapter 3: Methodology 3.1 Methodology Provide a comparative study of different 3 methodologies and select the best methodology to develop the product(PPDIOO Methodology and other methodologies such as:Waterfall Model, Spiral Model). The reason for choosing the particular methodology must be justified properly. (Almost the required or point to be highlighted is advantage and disadvantages)For best methodology you need to write did you select this methodology 3.2 Project plan (an example of exact way will be sent): Project plan section must include various planning documents which support in overall guidance of the project. Students are expected to develop communication plan, acceptance plan, and resource plan and risk management plan. [Communication plan, acceptance plan, resource plan, risk management plan]NOTE: Gantt chart will be done by the student.- For acceptance plan, how it will market the idea and how it can be implemented.- For resource plan, all resources shall be mentioned and discussed (it will be shared).- For risk management, mentioning internal and external risks which shall be done in table as below: Risk Probability Impact Mitigation 3.3 Requirement Analysis Provide details of how data was collected and apply various techniques for data analysis. A clear requirement specification must be given which includes technical requirements, functional and nonfunctional requirements of the intended product. [Data collection methods, Data analysis(qualitative and quantitative), Functional and non functional requirements, ,Security requirements] 3.4 Initial design Create preliminary design diagrams for logic design, data design, process design, and interface design which match with product requirements. [Algorithms, DFDs, UML diagrams, screen prototype, ER diagrams, System flowcharts, Decision tables/Decision trees]- How the network will be connected Kindly make sure of;- zero similarity in turn it in- each paragraph citation with Harvard style- easy language

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