Week 15 Peer Review Board: Essay Project 4 Step 4

Week 15 Peer Review Board: Essay Project 4 Step 4

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Peer Review Board Instructions Step 1 Post your initial rough draft to the discussion board on Sunday. Post your rough draft to the board as a word document, so your partner can download the draft.I will send out a list of partners on Tuesday Morning. If you do not post your draft, you will not receive a partner. Step 2 Read and view videosComplete Writing Task 16: Integrating Sources Complete Writing Task 17: Transitions Read and review the ideas set forth about peer review and revision in Practical Argument pgs 257 – 267.Review Week 9 Writing Task 11: Revision Process. Step 3 Download your partner’s paperDownload your partner’s document and save it to Word, so you can begin the review. Step 4 Follow this process1. Read the paper2. Leave in-text comments on the draft: 2 items per paragraph that deal with organization and content, 1 item per paragraph that deals with sentence structure and/or grammar 3. Answer all questions on the checklist provided below for your partner in a word doc anStep 5 Post to your partnerFind your partner’s original post and respond to the post with the commented rough draft and the answers to the peer review checklist. Attach both the marked copy of your partner’s essay and the word doc with answers to all checklist questions to your partner’s original thread. This is due Thursday to ensure ample time for your partner to review and revise their draft before submission on Sunday. d in complete sentences.

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