What is Systemic Racisim

What is Systemic Racisim

This is research paper. It has to have an outline as well. Here are the criteria for your paper:It should be 1500+ words in length, excluding the Works Cited.It should be documented using the current MLA format, which is discussed in the links on this blog page and in a handout from the JCCC Writing Center.It should include at least 10 sources.These sources should come from at least three different types, such as books (e- or paper), reference books (e- or paper), magazine articles, journal articles, newspaper articles, videos, interviews, web pages, etc.No more than 50% of your sources should be “Internet-only.” That means sources that can only be found on the web.For example, an ebook that you could buy in print, an article from the Kansas City Star, an article from the New Yorker, or a web version of a government report would not be Internet-only, but most material from WebMD or some fabulous blog would be Internet-only.It should not use junky sources unless you want a junky grade. Junky sources include (but are not limited to) Wikipedia (the fount of all knowledge), About.com, EHow.com, and similar material.

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