engineering coding

engineering coding

READ THE INSTRUCTIONS: ( MY FUNCTION WILL BE ABOUT DICE GAMES) mat labPlease submit a single function file that you will use in your final project code here. You can submit any function file that is directly related to Project 2 and will be used in your final code to create the Treasure Hunt game. This function file is due on Sunday, June 9, 2019, at 11:59 PM.Example of a possible function file for this submission: You could create a function file that takes in inputs of the treasure row and column locations and the player guess row and column location. The function checks to see if the treasure location is different than the guess location. If it is different, the function outputs where the treasure is located in relation to the guess (i.e. directly north, northeast, east, southeast, directly south, southwest, directly west, or northwest.) using an output command.——————You will find the project details attached as well as a sample ( DONT COPY THE SAMPLE)

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