Internet of Thinghs in irrigation

Internet of Thinghs in irrigation

1-What is a smart solution And what is IOT?( 2pages ) 2-Why we need smart solution for implementing IOT in irrigation System?(2pages)write in detailes whith some diagram.(2pages) 3-How to implement Smart irrigation and IOT in irrigation?(4page) You should mention the hardware and the software used in implementation the Smart irrigation. As mention below: Hardware use (Arduino, NODEMCU, Relay, Water Solenoid Valve, water level sensor, Soil Humidity sensor, Esp8266, and watepump.and all the sensor connects it via Wi-Fi with Arduino.) Using diagram for each device and discuss it how to implement. Software: Arduino to do the configuration and Blynk application to control the device.write in details how the device work.and how to implement.# use simple language and similarity 0% and all Refrence shoud write in Harvard style.

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